Tell Me More – youth exchange in Estonia


Past Event

Tell Me More – youth exchange in Estonia


Date of project: 13th – 21st November 2017
Number of UK participants: 5
Deadline to apply: 28th September 2017

The youth exchange “TELL ME MORE” is created by the young people who had a different immigrant background and are passionate in using Media tools to tell the stories.

Description: YE bringing together 30 youngsters who migrated to Estonia, Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, UK to share and promote their stories and through that contribute to breaking existing negative stereotypes about migrants and raise their level of inclusion in their local communities. During the YE, though active involvement of participants they will gain basic knowledge and skills in the field of storytelling and journalism using variety of non-formal methods and experiential learning that they will be able to apply in their everyday life and on a labor market and raise their self-esteem and self-worth through the sense of accomplishment.

Participants profile:
We’re aiming to involve youth with fewer opportunities, such as economic, geographical obstacles, ethnic/cultural/religious minorities.

Youth people from 18 to 30 years old. Interested in Media and Media tools. Young journalists, bloggers.
4 participants and 1 leader will be selected.

The youth exchange will take place in Tallinn, Estonia. You will be informed about the Venue and accommodation setting one month before the project starts.
In November is usually cold in Tallinn. We recommend you to bring warm cloth and light close for indoor sessions.
We strongly recommend you to check the weather before coming to the project.

Insurance is not covered under Erasmus+ programme,
we strongly urge you to have one for your travel.

Food a drinks night
One of the evening of the youth exchange we will organise food a drinks night, you are expected to bring some info from/about your community and culture and share some food and drinks with others.

Travel Arrangements
The travel costs are reimbursed under Erasmus+ programme according to the travel limits:
Armenia – 360 Euro
Belarus – 275 Euro
Georgia – 360 Euro
Romania – 275 Euro
United Kingdom – 275 Euro

All sorts of travel documents are required to receive a reimbursement. Make sure you bring your boarding passes, tickets, receipts and invoices. Failure to do so may result in no reimbursement. No taxi invoices.
We recommend you to travel economic and ecological way. Use Trains and boats. The travel costs are reimbursed under Erasmus+ programme according to the travel limits.

Application form:
Deadline: 15th September
Contact email: