Migration 2020 – training course in Italy


Past Event

Migration 2020 – training course in Italy


Date of project: 24th to 30th October
Number of UK participants: 3
Deadline to apply: 5th October 2017
Contact: tc@opportunityuk.org
Price: free

The seminar Migration 2020: Towards a Sustainable Inclusion is aimed at 30 youth workers and leaders from 10 EU countries (Italy, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal and Germany), wishing to improve their work within issues related with migration and youth and willing to share their best practices and challenges in the field.

During 6 days, October 2017, in Cagliari, Italy, we will analyze the current challenges connected with the migrant crisis in Europe, understanding and recognizing the reasons of this phenomenon, then gradually discover what can we do today to work with young migrants and their new communities in a sustainable way, sharing experience and ideas, and underlining methods and techniques to raise the level of awareness in European countries relating possibilities to build a more inclusive society. The sustainable inclusion of young migrants will be taken as a broad term, comprising the integration in the local labour market, their linguistic, civic and educational integration, the housing and health challenges which they face, the active interaction between them and the natives and how can we fight against stereotypes and myths that natives have shaped towards immigrants in the host communities.

The main aim of the seminar is to share best practices, increase competences and find paths for youth workers in EU to propose better options to facilitate inclusion of young migrants, working at the same time on more projects concentrating on anti-discrimination themes. During the project, we will touch basic concepts such as the reasons and factors that exclusion, diffidence or fear towards migrants, or active civil position against passive one, and we’ll get deeper in topics such as the concept of migration (both regular and irregular) and asylum in EU, the different types of migration depending on the different reasons of migration, labour migration schemes, circular migration, the impact of migration on the immigrants and the host societies, the current anti-immigrant stance in Europe, the concepts of asylum seeker and refugee, how national and EU institutions deal with migration challenges, and, finally, the action of youth NGOs in the field, how they can cooperate with local and European institutions and the building of new youth initiatives, ideas and projects on the field.

This seminar will be based on methods of non-formal educations and everything will be done to provide comfortable, interesting and effective working and leisure atmosphere, using methods such as group discussions, round tables, simulations, and activities stimulating creativity and participation.

Each sending organization will choose their participants according to their possibility to
bring a positive impact to the project and capacity to contribute in the activities of
the organization through the new knowledge and competences acquired.

The participants should be:
– Youth Leaders, Youth Workers and/or Young Activists interested in developing their knowledge about migration skills.
– Young people who have experience in the topic and wanting to gain different perspectives.
– Young people directly involved in young migrants or about migration topics with youth.

The selection will be based on the following criteria:
– EXPERIENCE in projects tackling exclusion, discrimination and violence affecting young people
– MOTIVATION and capacity to develop actions for and with young people on the topic of social inclusion of migrants
– INTEREST IN THE TOPIC(s) and possibilities to share about it
– OPPORTUNITY to use actively their learning to implement activities
– PRO-ACTIVE IDEAS to contribute to the activity, follow-up and dissemination plan.
– ENGLISH LEVEL at least basic level speaking and writing.
– Age preferably 20-35.

GENDER BALANCE have to be followed as much as possible. Participants will be selected through an application process run by each partner.

During all the activities of this project, the financial rules will follow the rules of Erasmus
Plus programme as follow:
Each participant will receive 100% of his/her reimbursement only after:
– Presentation of travel documents (boarding passes, invoices and tickets).
– Filling of the official mobility tool report.
– Accomplishment of dissemination and follow up activities.

For all information check INFOPACK (download link)

Please, read the infopack. If you fit the criteria of the participant and agree with the conditions, fill in the application form