Move EVS – French EVS volunteers in Newcastle


Past Event

Move EVS – French EVS volunteers in Newcastle


In August, from the 14th to the 29th, OpportUNITY hosted a short term EVS for a group of French volunteers from an organisation called GAS solidarite. During the project, the volunteers had the chance to get acquainted with other organisations/youth centres’ works and the beneficiary youngsters too, getting involved in the activities carried out with the support of organisations; SPACE 2 and Northbourne Youth Initiative. All kind of activities were focused on the intercultural exchange between the English and French culture using social media tools, exploring its benefits and developing creativity in writing of advertisements about their everyday activities. During their stay, the volunteers developed the basic competences of youth pass: Foreign language competence; Digital competence; Interpersonal, intercultural, social and civic competence and Cultural expressions’ competence.