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KEY fund – Travel, discover, achieve

Travel, Discover, Achieve

If you were wondering what we were doing in Edinburgh and Glasgow and how we got there, it’s not a big mystery or secret. We were on one of our adventures; discovering, learning and sharing, and most importantly, we were making new memories while visiting different communities and their behavior in distinct situations. Please, allow us to share a bit about our experience.


Being in UK to learn and develop as EVS volunteers, this opportunity was given to us by our amazing organisation, OpportUNITY in collaboration with KeyFund, who supported us financially and helped us develop our idea by using their past experience and giving us advice where we needed it. By doing this, they contributed to our learning process, allowing us to explore, grow and enrich our knowledge.


Having covered all the planning and coming up with a common idea, we began to build our project which was aimed to help us discover and understand the British culture and values at different levels. We were able to achieve this aim by putting ourselves in British shoes, but also by trying to experience everything at all possible levels. It wasn’t difficult, but it was a flourishing challenge for us.

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Firstly, we decided to follow our project idea, which was to discover the British culture, starting with two of the biggest cities in Scotland; Edinburgh and Glasgow. Our choice wasn’t random, but having in mind the diversity and the particularities of the culture, history and community, we created a map of all the things and places we wanted to explore. This way, we made sure we visited the museums, art galleries and the main cultural places in these two cities and we could also witness a live Scottish concert.

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Secondly, we thought about what else we could do during our time there. We’re all very big foodies so we came up with the idea of tasting their traditional cuisine. After the long and busy days we had planned, we knew for sure we would run out of energy at the end of the day, if not halfway through. So Food was definitely on our list!

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Thirdly, we thought we could study the two cultures closely by trying to interact with the locals and by trying to find out more information in order to fulfill our objectives. We were really glad to discover that no matter where you go, you can always find welcoming people who are eager to help and share their stories. Local people were happy to explain to us how to reach from one place to another and give us suggestions on what we could try from their local food. At the same time, people, tourists like us, were so delighted to share about our journeys and about our future plans. We were able to learn about new places we could explore.

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The main lesson we learnt was that everyday you can always be surprised or impressed by people and about all the small details that you probably haven’t thought about it before. We might think we are very different from one another being from different places, but even if you try new food, try to understand the foreign painter who made that beautiful painting or try to connect with those people who live their lives completely separate from you, the main point is that we all have to learn how to understand every moment we live, every emotion we experience and we have to try to develop, involve and create something that will help us show to the others what we have learnt.

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We can’t wait for our next adventure around UK and hopefully we will be able to learn as much as we did while being in Scotland.