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  • Amazing people, amazing experiences. TC Tools and Skills is one of the best programs for youth trainers.

    Dominik Osmeričić

  • Excellent team and project :) such quality is really hard to find. Hope to participate on more projects with you!

    Denis Sačer

  • Great organisation, the best team, always there for you - maybe too much sometimes and they should look after themselves more, thank you for all, much appreciated

    Nik Paddison

  • Professional guys which can make learning look easy, fun, simple and not boring at all. The whole team was really dedicated and passioned and they would assist and be part of every single step that we've done in the so short 11 days we've been there. Thank you very much Opportunity for giving me this opportunity

    Denis Blidariu

  • Awesome people who put everything to their work. Training course with them was very enriching, unforgettable, well organized and full of fun. Thank you for this amazing experience!

    Helena Crow

  • In a climate of Euroscepticism, OpportUNITY is doing a great job in promoting nonformal education and European mobility to British youth, youth workers and volunteers.

    Gabriel Brezoiu

    Gabriel Brezoiu